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if one more person congratulates me for making the switch to mac and tells me how much more stable they are, he or she better run, and quickly.
since owning a mac, i have:
learned to miss right click
said goodbye to some of my favorite games
but then discovered virtual pc
cursed getting my win2k laptop on the airport
still cursing

but at the top of the shit list, i have learned that kernels panic.....and mine does, A LOT. i mean 4 or five times a day. last night, i had to turn it on at least 15 times before it finally booted up without telling me i had to hold my freaking power button down. this morning i am terrified to turn it off because i have some important documents and a presentation on it i need for today. what the hell??



Dec. 4th, 2003 10:43 am (UTC)
Don't worry... I won't congratulate you either, but as a long time Mac user I do usually nudge people to the Apple Way. I also use PC's, mainly at work, so I realize that both platforms have their good and bad sides.

Are you getting the kernal panic on your Mac? It really sounds like something is wrong. If it is a new Mac, either take it to an Apple store (if you are fortunate enough to have one around) or get on the horn with Apple Tech support. I fear you either have to reinstall the system, or there is a hardware problem, probably the motherboard. Kernal panics should not be a reoccurring part of your Mac experience. I've only gotten one in the last 6 months.


don't fear death
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