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rush away....

"Jerry Garcia destroyed his life on drugs. And yet he's being honored, like some godlike figure. Our priorities are out of whack, folks."

ok, i have heard enough about Rush. drug addiction is not a laughable matter. while i think it ironically karmic that he has found himself in a situation for which he attacks others and holds no sympathy, i still have to humanize the man. people often abuse drugs to escape some inner turmoil. obviously he has a problem and i can't help but feel sorry for him, as much as i dislike his personality and beliefs.

"I know every expert in the world will disagree with me, but I don't buy into the disease part of drug abuse. The first time you reach for a substance you are making a choice. Every time you go back, you're making a personal choice. I feel very strongly about that.'

"By legalizing drugs, all you're going to do is define further deviancy downward. We have a duty to pass on values to our descendants, values that will maintain the standards of behavior and ensure the survivability of the American way of life. And drugs are no different. You end up destroying more than yourself."

"Drug use, some might say, is destroying this country. And we have laws against selling drugs, pushing drugs, using drugs, importing drugs. And the laws are good because we know what happens to people in societies and neighborhoods which become consumed by them. And so if people are violating the law by doing drugs, they ought to be accused and they ought to be convicted and they ought to be sent up."

"If (Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders) wants to legalize drugs, send the people who want to do drugs to London and Zurich, and let's be rid of them. "

how is that for karma? i hope 30 days does it for him. and i hope it changes his outlook on the people he has attacked for the same. hate can be self-destructive in many ways.

politics have so completely become the american spectator sport and i am addicted.



Oct. 15th, 2003 10:26 am (UTC)
Limbaugh like all loudmouths eventually hangs from his own pitard. Limbaugh needs to go to jail or everybody else incarcerated for lesser possession needs to be set free. i remember the days when casual reefer smokers were being straight up persecuted,short hair versus long hair under the fake aegis of "law and order" some of them are still in jail for being busted with an ounce or less of weed twenty years ago. Limbaugh's rehab is nothing but a show biz and legal move. He's a pathetic man. The choice as always with pathetic men is between sympathy, pity and contempt.


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"gypsy" is pejorative. please don't perpetuate the stereotype. educate yourself on what it really means to be a "gypsy" in this world.

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