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Oct. 14th, 2003

i was feeling a little guilty about my post to the noble list for the line about such a large group of people with such little ability to act. not anymore. i made a post yesterday looking for someone who was willing to go live on a political radio show about the event being canceled in kenner. no one responded. many of them are still speaking of boycotting. wouldn't it make a difference if the people of kenner knew why others want to boycott them? wouldn't going on the air to voice your side have a part to play in the whole thing?
i am letting it go....but i still stand by my belief that it is never enough to talk about solutions if you don't get out there and become part of them.



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Oct. 14th, 2003 09:42 am (UTC)
The icon should say it all.
Oct. 14th, 2003 09:45 am (UTC)
Oct. 14th, 2003 11:19 am (UTC)
action on FIF
I get my NOBLE stuff in a digest , which means a day or 2 late ~ others might as well.

I did not know what Ringside was when I read it ~ now I see you aswered that to others who did not know.

I did not go to the fetish thing in Kenner last year ~ which seemed to be the kind of person you were asking if wanted to do it.

At the meeting the other day, the organizer fellow was pretty convincing on a few points. One was that a willie nilly reaction could do more harm than good. He was already in touch with the NCSF and several other professional political and media crisis response experts and was damn determined to react ~ but not in a way that was ineffectual or destructive to the cause or to the wrong people.

Therefore ~ I did not see it, did not know what it referred to, seemed not to be elligible since I did not attend last year, and dunno if I would have chosen to until I see what the more organized and educated response actually looks like.

I am not afraid to stand up ~ I know others aren't either ~ perhaps some of the above or other reasons apply to them as well.

Oct. 14th, 2003 02:11 pm (UTC)
The problem with your post....
First, let me qualify that I only follow the Noble list and am not a member.
Second, I was very moved by your post concerning where energy might be best expended and was shocked that very few people actually respond to your various posts for volunteers, opprotunites, etc...

The problem I had with your ringside post was that there was NO fetish in the fall last year. This was the first year it was to be held. I did not wish to post that publicly since it might have been taken by your nay-sayers as ammunition to fire away at you more.

As I commented once before the work you do is important. I do my own work in a different way or I might join you in some of your efforts. Don't let the petty, self-righteous folks who probably reacted in anger to their feelings of guilt get you down.
Oct. 14th, 2003 09:00 pm (UTC)
Re: The problem with your post....
not fetish in the fall, another fetish "event"...
i was always surprised at the lack of responses, or even interest on the list about volunteer or community events. but i was even more surprised at some of the replies to my post, particularly where my causes were attacked themselves (safe sex, teenage pregnancy, etc).
i did get a few private emails supporting my first post, but still nothing on speaking out....not even an inquiry. i am really surprised.
thank you for your words....they've eased my frustrations. i've felt entirely along on this issue. i think i just have to accept that some people have no interest in community service and would rather rage with words that which they won't actually work to change. and maybe i just don't understand why they would want to? do we want to be accepted anywhere? i think some people are in this lifestyle precisely because it gives them a minority niche....but that is a whole nuther philosophy of mine ;)

Oct. 15th, 2003 01:04 am (UTC)
Re: The problem with your post....
Perhaps people's ideas of community service are different than yours. Perhaps just because they don't volunteer on your committees and at your centers and your rallies and events doesn't mean they are lacking in all sense of involvement. There are many levels at which people feel comfortable acting on their beliefs, and appearing on a radio show to discuss something they are not necessarily an expert in may not be something anyone in this group feels they can do. I know that I have never attended any fetish event in Kenner, and indeed didn't even know there had been such a thing. I certainly don't feel qualified to speak on behalf of anyone in the community on this subject, and feel it would be wisest to allow those with expertise such as the NCSF to act as spokespeople.

And as for your disgust with people's lack of response to your calls for volunteers, I can appreciate your frustration, but I don't believe you should leap to conclusions. There are many who do what they can in their own way to defend and promote the causes they feel strongly about. Just because they may not do so visibly or come to the events you want them to doesn't mean they are doing nothing. And I know that many people go through cycles of activism and exhaustion. When I was in college I acted as one of the leaders of a group for bi-sexual support in Madison, WI. I published a newsletter, ran group meetings, appeared on radio talk shows, even drove the group to Washington DC for the Reproductive Rights rally. I got up at the crack of dawn to travel to abortion clinics to provide clinic defense and serve as an escort for the clinic's clients. I have worked for defense of wetlands, endangered species, banned books, pornography--hell, I even confronted Andrea Dworkin at a rally. But people get worn out and burned out and I did. Now I try in my own small way to subvert the status quo, to sow the seeds of critical thought in young minds, to disseminate information to those whose paths cross mine, and to participate in what actions I believe will effect the kinds of changes I wish to see. I know I'm not one of the people you were pointing fingers at, but this is just my story... who knows how many people out there are doing what they can to change the world for the better--even just a little bit.

You have so much compassion for the people to whom life has handed a raw deal. I wish you could find the same compassion for those who do not fight on the same front as you.
Oct. 15th, 2003 01:18 am (UTC)
Re: The problem with your post....
In re-reading, I realize that comes across as a little preachy and harsh--certainly not the way I mean it. I like you a lot, Maia, and I was pretty disgusted with one particular attack on your causes, but I just felt I had to address a couple of points your posts brought up.

But you are not completely alone on this. I didn't respond on the list because I have stopped responding to anything on that list. (I asked for clarification on the radio show, because I really didn't know what it was, and I think some of the lack of response was due to the fact that no-one else did either.) I am disgusted with the processes I see in action there and some people are so hot-headed and reactionary that reason is lost on them. I refuse to open myself up to attack by joining the fray on that front. Personally, I don't know what the appropriate response is, and I won't rush in and make a fool of myself. A hundred people all going off half-cocked is not going to be effective, imho, and so I choose to lend my support to the activist groups who specialize in situations like this, and when the time comes I will do what needs to be done in a concerted and co-ordinated action.
Oct. 15th, 2003 06:51 am (UTC)
Re: The problem with your post....
i am by no means generalizing, but disgusted with those who did reply in such a negative way to my post and those who are sending out mass emails calling for a boycott of kenner.
if one is asking everyone to boycott kenner wouldn't going on the air be the perfect opportunity to explain why? as one person said (who was ignored), shouldn't the merchants know why they are being boycotted?
it isn't lack of compassion for those who do not fight on the same front as i do as much as it is lack of compassion for those who do nothing about everything. i did say several times that i understand some people there do some kind of community service, but many of them not only do nothing but attack community service in general. in the last two or three years i have posted volunteer positions that cross almost all areas of causes and last from an hour to weeks, a couple didn't even require leaving home. many of those causes are not mine at all, but something passed on in a forum where a large group of people exist and i was simply surprised not only at the lack of response to the call, but at people's reactions to the causes. that one reaction about how one shouldn't have to pay for teenage pregnancy or that people who don't use condoms in the first place should be neutered is not the first lacking any feeling or sensitivity at all.
i just don't understand it.......

they sure all jumped when i asked for poll watchers at $125/day!
Oct. 14th, 2003 05:42 pm (UTC)
unfortunately Nick Congemi is part of the Louisian network of "the good old boy" system. He and his brother and Aaron Broussard. Nick was a high school dropout that went on later to bigger and better things. He has the vision of a wet mop and the personality to match. It is hard to argue with ignorance. You are right about the local merchants. Hurting them will not accomplish anything but a poor economy which results is a domino effect. As in most situations it is all about EDUCATION!
Oct. 14th, 2003 09:02 pm (UTC)
Re: congemi
at leat my mom has an open mind ;)
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