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everyone at NOBLE is raging about Fetish in the Fall being cancelled in kenner by Chief Congeni. is it so wrong that it pisses me off that they are putting so much energy into being pissed off about this? they want to ban shopping and buying gas in kenner. i don't. i've said that hurting the innocent merchants won't make a difference. they reply that those merchants voted for him. i replied two things.... that there wasn't an opponent and that i imagine most didn't even vote. this really bothers me.....

i am sure that what i am about to say here will piss off a lot of you, but i am really bothered by what is going on here and i am not one to keep my mouth shut.....

i wonder how many people raising hell about this actually voted last saturday....or even know, without looking it up, which district they are in, who their representatives and congressmen are....

once a month or so, i used to post something here needing volunteers for one thing or another....sometimes it is tutoring at-risk kids, working at an event, stuffing condoms or going around the quarter passing out condoms. i rarely get any response from anyone on this list for these kinds of things. i am not forgetting those of you that did come a couple of times and stuff condoms for mardi gras outreach, or those of you who helped me with the kids on the aquarium field trip and one of you who made boxes of donations to the center. but, for the most part, no one on this list has an interest in any type of community service unless it is related to swinging whips or wearing leather. i've never been around such a large group of people with such little ability to act. everyone was up in arms about rev. storm protesting decadence, but only one other person from NOBLE was out there with me passing out condoms and hate crimes project fliers. it is easy for most of you to scream about boycotting kenner because you don't even go there in the first place. i do hope that most of you will put your pen to your words and write letters to the politicians involved in stopping this program.
within 6 blocks from where you are sitting right now there is someone, or an entire family, that needs help. everyone is so involved in their own kinks and their own selves to prioritize issues. last night i debated this issue with someone that is used to seeing me politically active, whether i am protesting or speaking at the capital. he didn't understand why i wasn't fuming over this. i am, but it isn't because the event was shut down. kenner was not the place to do this in the first place. yes, the politicians who put a stop to it represent the people. has it crossed anyone's mind that the people in kenner don't want this? has it crossed anyone's mind that they, like you, have a right to fight something in which they do not believe? we are different in our sexual lifestyle than a vast majority of the entire world. so what if they don't want us? take it somewhere they do....i am sure the city of new orleans wouldn't even blink. but, yes, i am upset, but not because a fetish event that would have come and gone in a few days and was commercialized (i won't even talk about what i think of people who turn a profit off our kinks) was canceled i am upset because if people in this group would take half this energy and apply it to something that could make a long term difference in the lives of others, we could really change things.

you want to fight kenner? let's take a look at what really matters.......

last year, kenner had a crime index of around 4000. this is much worse than the national average. they are also worse than the national average in rape, murder, theft and teenage pregnancy. believe it or not, it is down by 42% because of congeni's leadership.

1 in 6 children live in poverty.

most of their schools are classified as academically *below* average, with a poverty rate of about 63%. the middle school drop-out rate is 6.4%....this is middle school!!

now, i can give you these same statistics 10 years ago and you will be surprised at the substantial decrease in crime, domestic violence and juvenile problems. congeni may be against fetish in the fall because kenner is a family place.....but i hardly blame him, even as one of those he is against. he has worked hard to make kenner a family place and he has been pretty damn successful. he has instigated some of the country's most successful youth programs, bringing down juvenile crime and drug rates by over 20%. he has come down harder on domestic violence offenders than any other police chief in the state, in history.

a few months ago a vietnamese woman in the community where i work was tied to chair by her husband. he poured gasoline on her and set her on fire in front of his 8 year old son. i came here and asked for volunteers to help at the center with some domestic violence outreach. i didn't get one response. doesn't this enrage any of you? she is still in the hospital.

in the last two months, two teenagers have been shot and killed in the very neighborhood in which i work to try and help them.

there are 7 active youth gangs in my neighborhood. the average family income is $6300 a year. every single school where i serve is rated as academically unacceptable. there are 70 children in my afterschool program, myself and 1 volunteer. most of these children are from single mother households, and many have fathers in prison. when i ask these kids if they want to be out of this neighborhood when they are 18 they tell me, "it don't matter. when i am 18 i am going to be dead or in prison". domestic violence is rampant in this community. 8 year olds carry guns and others go to school with bruises in places we can't see.

for eight months i have struggled alone in this community. i spend very little time with my friends anymore. no one has any interest in helping. i won't buy that it is a matter of finding time. my center is open from 10 in the morning to at least 9 at night nearly 7 days a week.

this isn't some third world country, it is new orleans. your city. or your neighboring city. i bet more of you live here than in kenner. don't these things matter to you?

there are just some things that are more important than fetish....and, yes, even more important than people telling me i can't hold a fetish event in their city.

you all are enraged when a community rejects you and your beliefs, but what do you do for a community that isn't related to kink? now, i don't mean to generalize. i am sure some of you do your own volunteer work and i imagine those of you who do will understand what i am trying to say here.

i am sure i've given many of you cause to direct your anger at me. i won't apologize for it. i can only hope that i have made some of you think about more important priorities. i've quit posting here a need for volunteers in anything, even related to sexuality. it only disappoints me. but if i have in fact triggered your anger, i can only hope that you will find a valuable place in which to direct it.




If we'd been born where they were born and
taught what they were taught, we would believe what they believe.
sign inside a church in Northern Ireland, explaining the origin of intolerance and hate

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