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i am really excited!

i don't pay much attention to news about MS anymore.... i appreciate all the forwarded emails on this or that and how it works, but i don't follow anymore. my grandmother, bless her heart, cuts out every newspaper article that may seem promising. i did hold hope at first, but now i have settled into that "no real treatment, no cure" mentality. a few years ago i was very excited about a clinical trial that took bovine myelin in pill form and gave it to MS patients. the concept seemed sound - the immune system would attack the bovine myelin and not the human myelin. that is putting it simply, but all the details made perfect sense to me. yet, another disappointment. stem cell transplants are in fact working, but i would have to go to germany. it will be years before it will be easily available here.
however, i am excited about this study:
i've got a good feeling about this.....i just wish new orleans was one of the trial sites.
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