melissa muses (or maia, you choose) (melissamuse) wrote,
melissa muses (or maia, you choose)

I Have Taken You

I have taken you
I have fucked you
I have made love to you
In rooms and courtyards
we have given ourselves to passion
Swords of angels
crossed over our nakedness
to make love secret in the world
Nothing was withheld
All was generosity and true appetite
Why is it
even when you smile saying
Yes now whenever
whenever you want me
why is it I do not believe
I will ever hold you again
or walk on the street
under my hood
with your sweet juices dried fragrant
on my lips and fingers
It makes me want to renounce you
and discover flaws in your buttocks
and cinders in the light of your face
I wait for you to damage my appetite
so I can be something more
than a hungry man
waiting for the feast
with someone less hungry than he is

Another Man's Woman

so you come to me now
in the form of one I cannot approach
tired of your cloak of light
and your filmy lakeside memorial
I see you emerge from numbers of people
like moon out of scarves of cloud
but the Iron Guard marching between us

so you come to me now
in the form of one I cannot approach
taking the cloak of flesh
sitting at our table
holding the cup in the morning light
she serves you innocently
you say to me in the midst of envy:
look at my beauty now
I am perfect still
you cannot touch me
I am as distant from you as I was before

O love you stayed away from me so long
as I scraped the side of my old vision
for remnants of your presence
now in the form of a veiled girl
now in the rush of my heart
the Iron Guard marching between us
with your sweater and your coffee and your cigarette
and your plans for the morning
Tags: poetry

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