melissa muses (or maia, you choose) (melissamuse) wrote,
melissa muses (or maia, you choose)

i filled almost all of my vases with flowers yesterday. i usually keep a couple of vases of fresh flowers. one on the bookshelf and one on the galley table. i adore flowers. they bring me a sense of calm when my world spins a little too fast. i may not always stop and smell the roses, but if they are in a vase right next to me, i will. today, flowers are everywhere. it has been that kind of week. i especially like peach roses and daisies, zinnias and baby's breath. i tried to bring a garden to the boat. if you remember, i spent an entire evening potting plants and creating a haven on the water. i was determined to care for them. they died. almost all of them. i can blame some of it on the summer heat and the brackish air, but i must take most of the blame myself. i didn't hear them screaming for water most nights when i came home. i'd look at them drooping helplessly and remind myself to water them. i guess i could look at the bright side. i have pots of dried arrangements. ya, right.
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