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just a bit...

it has been an emotional work week.
but on a happier note i found a surprise on the boat. every now and then i come home to something left for me on the deck. a cd of the dalai lama's teachings, a box of candy, an origami swan..... today was an interesting surprise and i have no clue how it got here.
i have been trying to acquaint myself with power tools. i do ok with the battery operated ones (wink), i mean real power tools. remember the black and decker tool set i won at the yacht club auction? an electric sander, a jigsaw and a drill. it never crossed my mind that the drill didn't come with those little pointed things you stick in it called bits. until today. yep, a whole set of bits left for me. it was a nice smile given the events of this week.
ok, who is the secret bit giver? this one will make me crazier than the origami!!!
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