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NPR had a wonderful show thursday night. "ask and ye shall learn - musical question marks." i would love to find the transcript and burn it to cd. i can't find it on the website. i'll look more at work where the connection is faster. :)

i watched a scary movie late last night, had to sleep with the lights on and overslept this morning. i need to get to work and busy myself with a proposal. i want to do my laundry too. i am lucky that there is a laundry room right next to the center that is only a dollar to wash and dry, and that the monitor to the security camera is in my, i can leave my laundry while i work and still keep an eye on it. today i will practice discipline and get the following done:

at least half of the proposal
my laundry
clean my room
clean the carpet in the center (did paper mache with the kids this's pretty bad)
alphabetize my files that have become tossed back in the cabinet in all kinds of order this week
finish my month-end reports

clean my desk at my second office
get to Goodwill and get clothes for my kids that are participating in a summer work mentor program
get some plants and flowers for the deck
grade my students' homework

livejournal has a to do list. i think i should start using it. i have a real problem organizing my days.....probably because i have way too many interruptions and a serious weakness when it comes to delegation. these are times when i miss someone who can hand out structure in my life ;)

intelligentrix's interview questions :) (and, i will make the time for java.....sundays are great for me....we could sit on the deck and relax!)

1. Who were you ten years ago?
toughie.....i can hardly remember a year ago. 1993. i was married. i had a little garden where i grew lavender and minature roses and my own herbs and vegetables. i baked, cooked and cleaned to the point on being obsessive-compulsive. i compared, with my neighbor, whose vacuum cleaner sucked the most dirt out of the carpet in our kids' room. i wrote articles for magazines i would never read today. i was the perfect wife and a valium refilling pharmacist's best friend. i was a stepford wife who hid the secrets of her unhappiness along with her slave fantasies underneath the bed where her husband in all but heart slept. the man who doted on me and worshipped the ground i walked upon and the man who, without labeling it, was submissive. i was miserable and in the midst of an affair that, though the passion bordered on intense, lost out to guilt and the concept of commitment. it would be a couple of years before i would finally give up and ask for a divorce that took another four and a half years to conclude.

2. You spend your life working for others. What could someone do for you?
donate thousands of dollars to my programs? ;)
right now i am thinking doing my laundry and cleaning my room would be pretty sweet. replacing the carpet and building the shelves i want. those things i just can't seem to find the time to do!

3. Who do you want to be ten years from now?
healed and happy. a good woman loved, and in love. living with lots of life pouring in the windows through yellow curtains.

4. Have you ever had a crush on anyone? Do you have one now?
i can't recall ever having one.....well there is the first mate of the sailboat next door.... no, wait that isn't a crush, that is simply lust. i don't think i have crushes....i have lingering moments of lust. but it is true lust.
there is someone i like right now.....but more of an intrigued interest than a crush. we'll see ;)

5. You are having a party on your houseboat. Who is there and what are you talking about?
the caterer, the first mate from next door (who arrived quite a few hours early and will stay quite a few hours after everyone is gone), a few friends (they know who they are)
what are we talking about? the conversation is light and void of politics, work and religion. there is wine and laughter, moonlight and candlelight...

thanks for the thoughts! off to work i go!


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