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birds of a feather

i had a couple of geese hanging out by the boat today. usually there is just one. he glides around the marina like he owns the world, flaunting his grace and beauty. i don't know what kind of geese they are - or maybe they are ducks, but they have long necks. i am going to search around and see if i can find out what they are. i love to watch them. i wonder, though, if they intimidate my coots, who are usually waiting for their breakfast of cheerios and haven't been around the last couple of mornings. if i haven't tossed cheerios to them by 8ish, they swim around my windows quacking at me. it drives thien (my kitty) up the wall, literally. i love the birds out here....the gulls, the ducks and the pelicans. i just don't like the sound the pelicans make if you wake them at night! it is a horrible screeching. and i often wake them up when they are taking a rest on a piling right next to the boat, so i don't only get the screeching, but a huge take-off of a wing span close to seven feet! one day a pelican will scare me right into the water... we have white pelicans out here too, but you don't see them as much as the brown ones.

Pelican Facts:
A Brown Pelican's pouch can hold up to three gallons of water.

A Brown Pelican's chest is full of airsacks. When a Brown Pelican dives to catch a fish, it inflates these airsacks to cushion its impact with the water.

Like most other birds, a Brown Pelican's bones are hollow.

In captivity, a Brown Pelican can live to be more than twenty-five years old. In the wild, only ten percent of all Brown Pelicans live to be ten years old.

i worked from home today. the one thing that sucks on the boat is the internet connection....or lack of it. i am stuck with dial up. blah. obviously by my postings here today i am not getting a lot of work done. well, not really....truth is i post between pages loading...and that takes a lot of time!
ok, so i spent part of the time writing proposals and part of the time brushing up my dusty resume....

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wandering does not make you a "gypsy."
why would you call yourself
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long skirts and hoop earrings
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Decade of Roma Inclusion

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The European Union and Roma

The Patrin Webjournal: Romani Culture and History

Voice of Roma
World Bank Roma Initiatives

Have a Happy Day! :)

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