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bon temps

told ya'll i wasn't very good at these journal things!

what a wonderful couple of weeks it has been... visiting all my friends and old hang-outs, living on sushi and CC's java. i couldn't ask for more. thank you to everyone! Steve, thanks for giving me a place to crash and spoiling me by setting the coffee pot every morning and making sure there is soy milk in the fridge. my mother wants you for a son-in-law. think she would understand?

vette and carol, thanks for the hospitality at your place and again at the beach house. i can't believe you actually had The Black Glove. such sweet torture!

and thanks to everyone for Saturday night. all my good memories of Rubicon were restored. i really needed that!

it was so good to see everyone again. i never feel as warm and welcomed as when i am home.
it is going to be so difficult to leave you all again. my heart will be with you.

smiles, hugs and lots of love,

Tags: friendship

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