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corked inspiration

A few months ago I covered one of the windows on the boat with corkboard... will likely do the same in the van. The little bulletin board is my inspiration...sort of a personal shrine to keep me on track. I don't have much on it at all:

a card that says: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. (Neale Donald Walsch)
a postcard from my visit to Auschwitz/Birkeneau of the gate, just to remind me to stop bitching about stuff. My life is never really that bad.
A postcard from Route 66 to remind me of how much I love road trips and to keep on keepin' on.
My father's air force stripes just because I love him.
And an old photo of my father showing me (rather than doing it for me) how to open a door that I could barely reach...this reminds me to learn for myself, as he always taught me. He was the kinda guy that you could ask "what time is it?" and he would proceed to tell you exactly how a clock worked. Brilliant that way.
A silver angel pin that I just happened to find one day.
A Buddha protection card - self explanatory
I also have the business card of a professor at Greenwich (Sir Thomas Acton) that I admire greatly just to remind me to what I aspire to be. It was given to me by a professor on my committee. She met him at a conference and told him about my work. She thought I should contact him. I haven't the balls. Fandom...sheesh.

These are the things I look to when I feel lost, worried or just unfocused. I am totally unfocused these last few days. I need something new on my bulletin board to make me finish my thesis. i was so close... now i just stare at the screen.....
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