April 14th, 2011


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the seats are out of the van. it looks so much larger already. hopefully i can get all the work inside done by the second week of may when i intend to take off toward south dakota.

the guy who took the seats is using them for a home bar (ie man cave) that he built which is in the house that he built using mostly recycled materials. i asked him if he had any interest in a sailboat and offered to give it to him in trade for carpentry work inside the van. he seemed very interested. tonight i sent him photos of the boat with more information on it and what i want. i hope he wants the deal... he will come out way ahead...way ahead. i won't have to deal with selling the boat either.

tomorrow i will send an email to the university and let them know i am not planning to be there in the fall. i am seriously considering not being there in the spring either and reapplying to michigan. i am a little frustrated at the lack of response from inquiries at florida. i think their department is just too big. that means i will leave the first week of may.

that is soon.
byron reading

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i have a tendency to just give everything away when i don't want it anymore. because i am really truly minimizing my already minimal life and because i could use the cash, i thought i'd try to sell some things this time. i listed that silly knee scooter/walker thing because i my healing took so long that i ended up owning the rental (still limping a bit)...it just sold for $150. i was kind of surprised. that is $150 more than i would have from dropping it off at goodwill, which was my plan as usual. and i still have the feel good warm fuzzies because i saved the guy who bought it over $200.
i am also totally getting in to the amazon trade in thing for all my text books. i may make a little more selling the books, but there is less hassle with amazon's free shipping labels and i'll use the gift cards/credit. one of the first books i traded was worth 25.12 in amazon gift card. another worth 32.60. they are starting to add up!
my books are the hardest to pare down, but i take some comfort in my kindle for those i can replace electronically. problem is that so many of my books are not available for kindle. and i still like the feel of the book in my hand! but, being able to search an entire book for text and digitally highlight is a plus. :) not to mention the physical space it doesn't take...i just have to learn to quit trying to use it as a touch screen.