April 11th, 2011

brilliant life

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i've been stood up. twice, by two different people who were supposed to come by and take the seats and bed from the van. free and they don't show up after i told other folks that they were taken. i'll repost the ad, first come first serve now.
as i am outfitting the van, i am running into some challenges in my anti-consumerism... some things are just really difficult to find used. i found two great countertops at the green project and will return for a door to use as a bed platform. the counters are especially useful because they are the kind that hang on the wall above regular countertops so the tops are already recessed. i won't have to border them. i am having trouble finding used a manual hand pump for water and reflective insulation. i may just have to buy the insulation...i don't imagine that is easy to find used.
grrr i hate buying new.

summer and fall are still up in the air. i think i will take a job at mount rushmore through october and then just wander around until i need to be on campus in january. i deserve a semester off. unless a really exciting funding offer comes through for the fall, i'm going to take fall off. rushmore pays peanuts, but to work and play in the black hills for a season (room and meals included) isn't a bad trade off. i also have outstanding apps at a wildlife refuge in alaska and a homeless shelter in arizona. rushmore wants an answer tomorrow though, so if i don't have responses back today, i am going to commit to them. yellowstone offered too but i have to commit to may 9 and i can't do that.

i guess i need to start thinking about selling the boat too.