March 10th, 2011

leaf on the wind

we don't need no education

i think i am waitlisted for funding at Michigan. my ego hurts.
3.9 GPA (with double MA hours in soc and history), conference presentations, decent GRE scores, and excellent recs. i wonder if it is the Romani studies primary focus that hurts me. the one school that accepted me early has a POI with a book on Nazi Germany that actually includes the Roma. i shouldn't complain; i was accepted at my top choice with dream faculty, but rejection (even semi-possible-rejection) stings like hell.

academically, i've been quite self-confident....too confident, maybe. i lost my 4.0 in advanced statistics and was completely and utterly crushed, but maybe i could have worked harder. i've never had to work really hard for good grades even in grad school. i should have spent that extra time on publications.

my confidence is gone...devlesa, baadaye, chao, hasta la vista, baby.

"You are one of the applicants who had the most support by far among the faculty."
but we aren't sure if we want to fund you? to be fair, he just said he doesn't know yet what the funding outcome is, but someone else on gradcafe reported accepted with funding.
and "one of" how many exactly?
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