March 1st, 2011

bird on faucet

so not the science gal

i don't know what i was thinking.

my new thermal cooker came yesterday. yay! i wanted to give it a test with some oatmeal. around 3 this morning, i tossed in my oatmeal, some cranberries, pecans and a little maple syrup. let it boil for a couple of minutes and dropped it in the cooker to do its thing.

yummmm....i was really looking forward to breakfast. i couldn't wait to open the magical cooker this morning.

bah....crunchy oatmeal.

now, if you have any brains at all (and obviously i don't), you are thinking, "ummm, melissa, there is a scientific process to thermal . . ."

but see, there is that science word and, as my son often says to make excuses for me, i am a liberal arts person. it really didn't occur to me that all that space between the oatmeal and the top of the pot would negate the thermal heat.....i am not used to such a big pot (other pot was small)!!
next time i am going to see if i can cook it in a tiffin tin and close up that space with.... something? what keeps heat well but is flexible enough to fill space?

on another off-grid note, i am making a point to monitor my water consumption this week. i filled my 22 gallon tank last night. normally that will last me just about a week if i am not being cautious. i've been looking at water tanks for the van and since i will no longer be able to collect rainwater, i want to get an idea of how much i will use. i am inclined to think i will actually use less in the van. since i will be right on campus, it will be easy to toss my bowl and spoon/fork in my bag to wash in the kitchenette. i'll probably also refill the water bottles i drink from at school too. i do that now with my platypus bottles, keeping them in my backup and filling them up from the cold water fountains when i leave. does that make me a water thief? ;)

(i steal toilet paper too, but hey, they charge me fees for stuff i don't even use. it is a fair exchange. i haven't purchased toilet paper since i started grad school. they should lock that stuff up)

one day i will figure out how to rig the van for collecting rainwater... shouldn't take much. especially since i am so mechanically inclined and scientifically brilliant.
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