February 28th, 2011


Brotherhood, Unity, and Mad Distraction

“What is the Communist Party in the Soviet Union?” Tito asked. “It has about five million members. The million people in the NKVD (secret police) are party members, the members of the party in the militia, in the army – officers and generals – and in the bureaucratic apparatus and government institutions. This is the entire party. It is identical with the state apparatus and in no way represents the rank and file workers and peasants. This is a party of leaders, a party of bureaucrats. This is what has led the Soviet Union to the wrong road – from Stalin downwards.”

i am spending the day with Tito. i must confess though, i am not giving him the attention he deserves. with the beginning of march here i am especially anxious for funding decisions from my PhD program.... "funding decisions will be determined at a later date." it is later. please, please. i keep checking my email. i keep reloading the grad cafe's history results.
i received my acceptance letter in mid-January, unusually early, so my hopes are sort of hinged on the assumption that they really like me.... i mean, otherwise, why would they decide so early, right? (humor me)

Flying in precise formation, aircraft from the U.S. Aircraft carrier Coral Sea spell out the name of "Tito," ruling Marshal of Yugoslavia. The leader paid his first visit to United States vessels as guest of Vice Admiral J.H. Cassedy, Commander of the U.S. Sixth fleet.

© Bettmann/CORBIS
September 18, 1952

i do still have four schools pending and there is always a chance their funding packages will be awesome.... but i don't keep checking my mail to see if they have accepted me. (technically, i really shouldn't bitch since so many folks are still waiting on acceptance letters).
i was accepted at my top choice (did i mention that i was accepted early?).... what if they don't fund me at all? would i pay to work with my dream faculty?

JULY 1944: Josip Broz, aka Marshal Tito (C) in his HQ with head of the Croatian government Vlado Bakaric (L) & Edvard Kardelj (R).

Ok, Marshall Tito, i am going to stop neglecting you and give you the full attention you deserve. i've a story about you to tell.

but, in just a second, i think that was the sound of my inbox....

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green sense

tazi tin redux

i have a weakness for Tazo vanilla rooibos. don't hate me....
sometimes i buy the teabags because i am lazy and it is there.

i tried to pull the label off... good intentions to reuse the tin, but Tazo will have none of that. i wasn't going to be beat by a tin can (well maybe, but not today)

voila ... a Tazo makeover. so glad i can entertain myself and do something good for the earth at the same time.

now i have to find something to put in it.
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