February 27th, 2011


Taste the Thunder

Christopher went to the world market today. He must have been struck by memories of living in India because he brought me something I love and something I hate:

Those mangos in the background? Love them. My absolute favorite fruit in the entire world. I practically lived on them in India. Oh, he brought me some roti too. i like it much better than nan.

That bottle of Thums Up? bleh. bleh. bleh. The only thing I hated worse in India was butter tea. I remember well my first sip of Thums Up. Eager to experience the favorite soda of India.....happy to find something cold.... i took a sip.....

Thums Up is the manly drink of India...touted as having a strong flavor. Drinking Thums Up is macho....

It is the national cola of India.....

"confident, mature, and uniquely masculine attitude."

yes....i took that sip.
if i hadn't known better i would swear someone gave me a cheap bottle of perfume to drink. it smelled like perfume and it tasted like perfume...or maybe because it smelled like perfume it tasted like perfume? i dunno...but...bleh.

when i was a kid, my sister and i did terrible things to each other. once she dipped my toothbrush in my mother's perfume. sometimes i still think i have that taste in my mouth.
that is Thums Up.

sorry to my Indian friends and i know you love it and if i grew up with it i might too!

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