February 23rd, 2011


Serb Roma under the Third Reich

"With respect to the extermination of antisocial forms of life, Dr. Goebbels is of the opinion that the Jews and the Gypsies should simply be exterminated.”

Nazi Reichsminister of Justice Otto Thierack, September 14th, 1942

“The Gypsies had been murdered in a proportion similar to the Jews: about 80% of them in the area of the countries which were occupied by the Nazis.”

Simon Wiesenthal, in a letter to Elie Wiesel, December 14th, 1984

Dennis Reinhartz reminds us of the importance in acknowledging significant events of the Romani past to hopefully obtain a “clearer discernment of their present” (Kenrick, 2006:95).  Influenced by policies of racial hatred, Nazism in Yugoslavia gave license to a genocidal slaughter of Roma.    Perhaps more than any other region of Nazi occupation, Roma were systematically “disposed of” by mass shootings and mobile gas chambers, particularly in retaliation for the deaths of German troops at the hands of Partisans.  The Partisans, mobilized under Tito, would not only form the new government of Yugoslavia after the war, but their legacy would forge a central memory in nationalistic ideology for the next half-century.

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back (again)

i'd make a big deal about being back on LJ....you know fanfare, hoopla, and all that jazz.... but it gets old, eh?
i didn't like wordpress and i really am trying to get back into the journaling thing in the hope that it will stimulate my muses....
so here goes...

ever most sincerely,
the girl who cried bloggin' wolf

PS I've changed the name.... maia is long gone.......now my personal and my semi-personal blog is one. no more sybil.
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Betwixt and Between

You can clip a bird’s wings, cage him—but he will still go on singing.
Roma Proverb

so i am presenting a paper on Roma music in april at the popular culture association's national conference...
yeah, a social historian presenting at a popular culture conference...i know nothing about popular culture....i live in a cave. but since one of my areas is Romani music, i think i can pull it off....

most of you know how i feel about Eugene Hutz (i'd get carnal with him), so i am taking the opportunity to bring him into my academic world. :)

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i am afraid of the interwebs and the stuff it knows.
i got an email today from linked in suggesting i may know a list of people.
one of them was an old flame with whom i've not spoken in years and have absolutely no professional connections.