February 13th, 2011

brilliant life

if i had a hammer

going to take a look at the green project over the weekend. my goal is to outfit the van with recycled materials as much as possible. nothing new and everything with a history. i think i am still going to have to pare down my book collection. less than 10% of what i have is available on kindle. i may leave some behind, but i would rather get rid of stuff than leave it behind. “own only what you can carry with you” is still my motto. i’m surprised i’ve accumulated so much stuff on a 26’ sailboat. and so much stuff since katrina. no doubt it will all fit neatly in the van, so in the scope of things, it isn’t really that much stuff...certainly not comparatively speaking. i could always keep my books in my office.

i do wonder if i should install an alarm system.

i don’t think i’ll have a problem with electricity either. my one solar panel should keep my stuff charged. now that i found the presso, i can live without krupps. i have my little propane stove, so heating water for java and tea is covered.... i spent three weeks in a tent last summer and didn’t miss grid power. liberating, really...not being tethered to capitalistic energy mongers.

i can’t seem to motivate myself to write this week. i read, i research, but to translate that into my work just isn’t happening. i think i have a bad case of brain split... half of me is in my current WW II course and the other half is in Kosovo and they don’t mesh. i used to be a decent multi-tasker!