February 9th, 2011

be different

a new home

i bought the van. as i moved around inside, it occurred to me that the square shape actually gives me more space than the little boat in which I currently live. once the middle captain's chairs are removed i won't know what to do with so much space!  i need to figure out where the kayak will go.... no roof rack and since i intend to add more solar panels I am not sure if I want to put a rack up there.  I'm wondering if I can slide it in, part way under the bed.

this afternoon i'll start measuring everything so that i can make plans to add a counter with a sink, a desk and - most importantly - a book nook.  the van also came with an old nintendo and a ton of old school games.  cool beans, eh?

on a bad environmentalist note - it takes $80 to fill her up...

"Walden" as a personalized plate is available....
I'll miss being on the water.