April 18th, 2010


out with the trash!

Today kicks off no-trash week, so i've decided to track my progress here. Facebook is limiting :)
those of you that have known me (if i still have friends in LJland after my long hiatus from posting), know i'm more than a bit of an anti-capitalist, voluntary simplist, but, let me tell you, it is spiraling out of control... in a good way, of course.

so, begin the begin!! living in a marina definitely has its yummy tasting water drawbacks, considering the water makes its way through a hose that sits in the heat before filling my tank. i've not cleaned my tank out in - let's just say a while, so i'm not so sure the water in there isn't swimming with ugh. therefore, i make the unenvironmentally choice of purchasing bottled water. thinking it isn't so bad that i can use my reusable container and fill it at whole foods for $1, it didn't seem horrible. however, considering the fuel i use to drive there to pay a dollar to fill up my water container makes the whole process seem just a bit counterproductive. and that is when i do drive to whole foods instead of just grabbing a jug of water at the market next door!
yesterday i bought a water filter.

i love bubblies in my water. after giving up smoking (yes, folks, i've finally done it!), giving up my little carbonated delight is just asking too much.

The soda machine, by the way, does not require electricity. double points! the bottles are reusable glass and you can buy soda syrups if you want, but i am thinking a splash of fresh juice or peel, even ginger, will do nicely. or a chocolate italian soda? yummy!

My current dilemas:
cat food - i could make my own, but that would involve touching.....ugh ugh... meat
soy milk - i can get through the week with the one container i have, but if i want to keep this up, that is, keeping my environmental output down, how to solve that....

and just surfing... isn't this a brilliant idea?