January 13th, 2009

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so how i spent my winter vacation...
refer to icon ;)

yeah i broke and went back to the wonderful world of warcraft with the expansion pack. it hasn't taken long at all to explore all the new content, very much unlike the last xpac, which took months to get to - and do decently in - endgame. the only difference is now i am raiding on my undead shadow priest on a pvp server instead of my night elf holy priest on a friendly server. melting faces is so much more fun and much less stress! i did level both my priests to 80 and am getting the horde rogue there too, mainly to make gold for me. the ally rogue will probably collect dust with the rest of them. for the horde! ;)

so, to my WoW friends out there....i'm on Ursin mostly now. my priest is kumata and my rogue is jasisi. i'm still on malaika on Llane from time to time, but not so much. come say hello! :)