October 28th, 2008

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it is quite chilly this morning. i actually dug out my heater last night. i love it. sweater weather, yum :)
i sent off, last week, for a stack of death certificates from the state to confirm some of my ancestors. i am impressed with the turn around time - they all arrived yesterday and they even included an obituary. texas and missouri costs three times as much for records and takes four times as long. it answered some questions, but created more -as usual!

can't wait for thursday....i need to get away :)
don't fear death


Triggerman in notorious AK murder found dead

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- A spokesman for the Alaska Department of Corrections says John Carlin, the gunman in a notorious Alaska killing, has been found dead at the state prison in Seward.

Corrections spokesman Richard Schmitz says Carlin was found dead under suspicious circumstances Monday night.

Carlin was convicted of conspiring with Mechele Linehan, a former Anchorage stripper turned soccer mom, in the 1996 shooting death of Linehan's fiance, Kent Leppink. Leppink's body was found off a trail south of Anchorage.

Prosecutors say Linehan and Carlin orchestrated the killing in the mistaken belief that Linehan would receive insurance money.

Linehan was arrested in 2006 in Olympia, Wash., where she was living with her husband, a physician