October 24th, 2008


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i am not a designer kind of girl, except for one thing: triple five soul bags. i have been trying for over a year now to try and find one to replace an old one to no avail :(
i didn't expect to find one exactly like it since everyone sold out of them that season, but hoped they would make another sort of like it. nothing even close to it for fall 08. so, i thought maybe someone would get tired of it and sell it on ebay. no luck.
i need a new messenger bag... why do i have to be so damn picky about it?

on a happy note - my mom and i are taking a weekend break next week and going to natchez. i love natchez. i am very much looking forward to it.

and halloween is my favorite season. saw V comes out tomorrow! saw and house of shock this weekend...woohoo. a friend of mine knows the owner and gets us past the long long lines. this year will be better than last. :)
i am ready for the break!
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