October 4th, 2008


Si Hoc Legere Scis Nimium Eruditionis Habes!

i love my latin class. it is the first language i have studied that comes easy to me, even with the cases (there are six). i'm sure my czech case experience and love of word origins help, but it seems i really don't have to study all that much. it is actually fun. i enjoy trying to find the roots that grew modern words. i've no doubt either, that learning latin must be a big boost to gre vocab scores.

i am also throughly enjoying the book Carpe Diem: Put a Little Latin in Your Life. what hilarious joy to relate latin to monty python quotes and angelina jolie tattoos! :)

grad apps are still totally stressing me out and i am exhausted this weekend. i think tomorrow i will stay in my jammies all day and give my writing sample a break.