September 30th, 2008

byron reading

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so, about that long rant regarding my asshole professor - he wins. i am dropping the class.
meanwhile, it frees up more time to do my grad applications. i am amazed how much they have me stressed. UTA wants a 20 page writing sample, preferably on my research interests. so i am brushing up an old paper i wrote in prague. it is still my first choice.
others are: university of pennsylvania, rice, notre dame, and st. louis university. the last two are probably by second and third choice because they have specific medieval studies phd programs rather than supplemental certificates. i have no backup schools in this area, so i would have to move.... i really don't want to. even LSU has a very limited number of medieval courses. i have to set my standards high and expect rejections ;)

i am hooked on true blood. the political and cultural references are brilliant. if you watch, did you happen to catch the background photo in fangtasia of bush sucking the blood from lady liberty in this week's episode?

i also love the opening credits.... good ol back woods louisiana. :)