September 16th, 2008

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i'm afraid i have pissed off a professor. i am taking a bible literature class (for fun, mind you) and the first essay was to support the JEDP theory in relation to the story of noah and the great flood. key here - theory. this professor teaches as if the theory is proven - it is not. worse, i completely disagree with it. (if you are not familiar with it, wiki is your friend).
in the assignment, he specifically says "was written by two authors", not is theorized that, or could have been, but WAS. for students with no familiarity of the bible as lit or this theory, they are learning and blindly accepting this theory as fact, because that is how he is teaching it. so, against my better judgement, i took a different approach on my paper. i argued that it was not written by two authors but was taken directly from gilgamesh, adding morality and covenant of israel's theological beliefs. i didn't leave it at that, however. i wrote the professor an email in which i explained, emphasizing that my beliefs *are not* theologically based, why i do not subscribe to this theory. I provided stylistic and linguistic evidence supporting my opinion.
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