August 30th, 2008


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i can't sleep. and i am feeling very selfish right now. three years ago i lost everything i owned....everything - home, car, clothes, sentimental shit.... i don't have much, but i don't want to lose it too. i'm doing the typical nawlins thing - prepare for the worst, hope for the best. hoping hard, i am. they are closing the levee gates here at 8am sunday morning. that means i have to either decide to leave by then or get my car out and climb the wall if i want to go after that. a few folks have said they are going to ride it out here and i just may. too soon to know. i wish these things were just a bit more predictable.
the big boat is in a web of line and i've not done anything with the sailboat yet. tomorrow. either way supplies are purchased and the generator runs. lists for stay or go scenarios are made. i went back to the journal i kept the eight days i was in the city during katrina.... therein was my list of lessons learned, exactly as they were learned. little things, like how i wished i'd had baby wipes - got em. instant coffee, tang, board games. little things we hadn't thought of before, but know now.
wish it away...... i am going to wish it away.....

but, yeah..... time to move.... the big easy ain't so easy anymore.

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i am exhausted and it is hot as hell. so i decided it will just be too hot to stay cooped up in a sailboat without electricity. i am going a few blocks from here so that i can get to the marina as soon as whatever it becomes ends. i'll bring my car over there this evening before the flood gates close in the morning and probably actually leave here monday morning. i still have to take the sails off the sailboat and secure some lines, but other than that, and loading the car, i am done.
i have good friends :) lots of offers to help and places to stay.... folks helping with lines, offering a beer and hopes.
whatever happens, we can deal with it.