April 17th, 2008

don't fear death

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well.....not many everest updates this year. most teams have had their phones confiscated and are allowed to use them only under supervision in the military camp, which is a ways from base camp where the batteries are dwindling away anyway.
the torch team has arrived and has a first bid planned for the 28th, weather permitting.

meanwhile....final exams are nearing and i should be studying more than i am. i've finished all but one of my papers, so at least that is accomplished. tomorrow i have a mock czech exam....that is the exam i am (and the other person in the class ;) )most worried about, so we have the opportunity to give it a go so we'll know if we pass ;)

i'm working on some stuff for the study abroad dept and am really excited about it cause it comes with a nice scholarship if i get it done in time. once i get the photos, i'll share the link :)

ok back to work...ciao!