March 26th, 2008

don't fear death

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climbers are arriving at Namche Bazaar....
ya'll know how i get for everest season. :)))

china is quite nervous with all the tibet publicity this year. they've shut down their side. guess it wouldn't be in their best interest for photos of free tibet banners at the peak with the olympic torch. or another photographer catching them gunning down a nun in the snow. i don't think it will have much of an impact given the chinese side is the most difficult and least popular route up the mountain. and nepal will not comply with chinese pressure to do the same so teams are re-routing. nepal has started issuing permits :)

the chinese know few climbers would even think of making a summit bid after may 10. but there is a rumor floating around that climbers won't be allowed on the summit from may 1 to may 10.

the impact it will have, however, will be a very crowded south side.... which could lead to a dangerous season.