March 22nd, 2008

mad cow

vegan mac and cheese

as i wipe the tears of laughter from my eyes, i have to share a touching, but hilarious moment i just experienced with my mother. because my son and i are both vegan, she truly tries. i get an email from her this evening (we are going over for dinner tomorrow):
"you will be so proud of me..found the vegan mayou , ithink it was "nonayesse" but it was soy based and vegan cheese...soooo potato salad with vegan mayo and mac and cheese with vegan cheese and veggie tray appetiser and cucumber, tomato and onion stuff you can eat......"
so i respond to just warn her about the cheese....that often veggie cheese has milk products in it and, worse, the vegan ones sometimes taste horrible and don't melt well. so i told her to try it first. i shared the email with my son when he came by, so he decided to call her and ask about the cheese. when he hung up he was laughing so hard, i could hardly get the scoop. she had already made it. she added some soy milk to make it creamier. my son then says between laughter, "mom, i am not sure i understood her right. she said she added cream of cheese soup!"
so, i call her. yep she did. i told her, laughing my ass off too, that it wasn't vegan anymore.
"it isn't?" she innocently asked.
"no, mom. you added cream and cheese to vegan mac and cheese."
"oh.....well it is half vegan then."

gotta love her!