September 30th, 2007

monkey meditate

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who is this woman in the mirror
with age around her eyes
her string of pearls broken
on the floor beneath her feet
feet planted to the earth
what would nietzsche say?
that the face tells the truth?
whispering god is dead

can't you too see he is dead
scattered like my pearls?
take your faith and habit
i'll have my spirit and age
and my broken pearls
to dance upon.
winter of our discontent

(no subject)

maiafuscious say: never forget the smallest words can bring great happiness.

i spent the entire afternoon on the phone with a friend. i've been pretty isolated from my friends with everything going on. we haven't talked since july. we caught up on so much.

he told me i am on his team. "fuck everyone else", he said, "you are on my team." (before anyone thinks they are "everyone else" we were talking a lot about the trial.)

"sometimes you just have to know someone is always there for you because you are on his team."

it really made my day.

on another note, i unintentionally used the phrase "fundamentally fucked up" today. and, i rather like it. it has nice alliteration. i must remember, in those rare moments, when i use the word "fuck" to tie it to "fundamentally".
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