June 5th, 2007


world won't get no better if we just let it be.....

2006 murder rate tops in nation
Using even the most generous population estimate, New Orleans finished 2006 as by far the nation's most murderous city, with more slayings per capita than other notoriously violent cities, including Gary, Ind., and Detroit, according to statistics released Monday by the Federal Bureau of Investigations.
ok, slave_driver, peeking at your side of the city ;)
we are broken. 81 murders to date this year. i know it is bad, but how accurate is this rating? how accurate is the population count when so many people are displaced even within the city? the comments to this news story are sickening. the hate is so strong. since katrina, racism in the city has grown to epic proportions. just take a peek at the comments in the new news blog section at nola.com. why did they even add that feature? it just makes us look worse to outsiders. hell, to insiders too. it isn't all about the black population or welfare dependency. actually, per capita we have one of the lowest rates of black poverty and welfare dependency in the states. someone should write about that too.
we are a city torn apart not just by nature and the levee board, but by ourselves. i found this map quite interesting. one green dot. can you see the tourism department for criminals developing? come to our city. we may arrest you, but we won't keep you long! oh yeah, and, even if we catch you on video, say, at a car wash, shooting people full of holes, our hospitable judges will help you get out there and do it again! keep them behind bars and the rate will go down. some of these numbers are attributable to the same people doing the killings.
we are dangerously short police officers and competent prosecutors (and judges) and incredibly high on ignorant and corrupt politicians. we have drug dealers returning to the city and reestablishing turf in the absence of housing developments, so the old crime is no longer contained. chemical dependence and depression rates are higher than ever. support systems are missing. our economy is a disaster in itself. i'm not even going to touch the school systems.....
so what do we do? i think the answer isn't in city hall, it is in our neighborhoods. the citizens have to take our city back and participate actively in the rebuilding process. a few weeks ago i read somewhere that nopd fired hundreds of gunshots in a new orleans neighborhood. no one called the police. (i don't remember where i read that article, or i would link it). we are all part of the problem. if we don't, collectively, do something about it, it will only get worse. the good people will continue to leave the city, the bad will stay and invite their friends. why not? we are soft on crime.