May 23rd, 2007

bird on faucet

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started two 2 week block courses yesterday with professors from UNO. i am going to love these classes. one is women in politics and the other is american social problems in a global context. i never thought about missing anecdotes of home. sweet.
by the way, i discovered that the quality of life survey for the new orleans area was released. quite sad. you can find it here.
and i found a ride to paris through a ride share website, so i don't have to spend a couple of strange days on the side of strange highways hitching - i'll save that adventure for the way back! it is a czech guy and his little dog too. should be fun!
weather is quite warm these days, but dry. my skin is terribly missing the humidity. i think i will age 2 years in my nearly a year here.
today is bright and sunny. the birds are chirping away at the top of their little lungs. dogs are barking at them and everything else they see. the pigeons on my balcony are cooing loudly, despite being fed my dinner leftovers. it is a beautiful day in prague. :)
yep, life is good.
off to class.....