May 22nd, 2007

don't fear death

dinner date

we sat across the table from each other
awkward but hiding it well
it was clear the chemistry was there
it was pretty clear too, we didn't care for what wasn't

i looked at your hands
was it obvious that i was wondering how your fingers would feel
you noticed my somewhat discreet tattoo
your eyes obviously wandering beyond my "pretty" baby blues

the chit chat and sipping of wine
merely foreplay hidden behind casualty
was it that we really were not hungry when the waitress brought the menus,
or that our appetites stirred for a more fulfilling dinner?

as you dropped the tip on the table
your hand brushed against the place where my skirt fell
when you said you loved my smile
did you wonder how my lips would curl?
later in the parking lot beneath your hand in my hair
with the steering wheel in the way?

"Dinner tomorrow?" you asked.
i'm thinking i won't be very hungry tomorrow night either....