May 21st, 2007

spare ribs

summer plans

did i mention my afghanistan visa was denied? oh, the freedom of being an american.

so i am working on summer plans.... i am going to hitch a ride to paris to meet untamedgirlie the second week of june, spend a week or two there and then head south for a month of intensive french lessons at L'Université de Provence and visiting M...we've become, at least, close friends. :)
in between i will explore france and italy. from there to istanbul and up through eastern europe to make my way back to prague.
that is about as far as i can plan.... i don't like plans. without them, there is no disappointment. i just know i have to be in marseilles the first week of june.
i am making this post friend's only because, with my sister's trial falling around some of this time, i don't care to tell the world where i will be. :)
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