May 20th, 2007

don't fear death

(no subject)

i've roamed castles in my mind
danced barefoot in darkened rooms
faintly candlelit by others' dreams
but only borrowed rooms on time
that could not be repaid
i locked the doors of dungeons
and unexplored tomorrows
took the key to sleep with me
on dreamless nights
in homeless beds
wandering in the light of dawn
across the gardens of fake flowers
petals half eaten by worms
full on promises unkept, unkempt

i've laid my head on pillows
stuffed with the down of fallen
birds of prey
spent forgotten nights in arms
i never needed, knew
i've bared my soul only to walls
of brick and bone and gravestone
yet i've collected souls along the way
piled with ashes of burned poetry
put them in jars on broken windowsills
where the sun cast shadows on the lid
and rust turned the color of blood
i've laughed naked and exposed in chains
links not locked with love
but with passing lust
and tomorrow comes
taking with it today and yesterday
rooting my heart in new gardens
void of vultures and carnivorous buds
and the vines bind my body
as i give into the thorns