May 19th, 2007


maia's muses

because i am writing exams and don't have much to say and because i am really trying to entice my muse to return to me, i am going to start posting some of my poetry for a bit. skip along if you like.
you've been warned. :p

i met a man at the altar
in an old desecrated church
kneeling before him
         i offered my confession
               and he offered me
                    freedom from my sins

the choir sang requiem
and the prayer books
               fell to the floor

oh, our love was holy
  our lust deep and blessed
      our bodies were temples

and he nailed my
heart to the cross
as i begged for my penance

i was the virgin Mary
and Mary Magdalene
         in our church of stone
      and dirt 

he was the god i worshipped
the object of my devotion
          Satan, the fallen angel
           enfolding me in his black wings

we lit the candles
gave communion
             this is my body
                  this is my blood

we fucked in the pews
and screamed in the confessionals
                  he had no mercy
                                              i had no shame


artwork: Ed Johnson