May 14th, 2007

peace sign

who controls the world?

If we take all the 252 political leaders of all sovereign nations and territories on the planet and add the business leaders of the top 500 richest companies, we arrive at 752 decision-makers, elected or not.

These individuals rely upon and are influenced by an inner circle of five advisors, partners, cabinet members, opposition leaders or generals each. That adds 3760 more folks into the command flow.

There are perhaps an additional 100 religious leaders with influence over a sizeable group of people, another 100 leaders of international institution, organizations and unions participate on the global scene and fewer than 100 heads of criminal organizations have any significant sway.

A total of 4812 people dominate the world's decision-making process. Less than 5000 people determine what you eat, where you can move to, what your child learns in school, how much you earn, what you see on television and how many bombs drop on your head.

5000 people are less than 0.000000077% of the world population.

99.999999923% of us are effectively shut out of the decision making process.