May 12th, 2007


the friday five on saturday

1. If you were a nocturnal animal, what nocturnal animal would you be?
a cat

2. Which is better: to obey the law to avoid punishment, to obey the law because the law makes sense, or to obey the law because everyone should?
i think that depends on what the law is, of course. if a rule or law can be broken, i can make an art out of bending it.

3. Who is your favorite all time movie villian villain (sorry, friday five creator, i had to fix that spelling)?
the sheriff of nottingham

4. Are any kind of ethics involved in wearing a hat?
hats and ethics? i don't get it.......

5. When is the best time for you to take a 20 minute nap? Why?
after sex? just enough time to start again.

i found this in an email from my son this morning:
Happy Mother's Day! I cleaned the boat in your honor. Since you can't see it right now, lets say its done to your standards, too.
i am going to pretend to believe him. and, i think he thought today about mother's day being tomorrow, but realized that tomorrow he would probably forget, so he sent the email today to be sure. ;)
mad cow

(no subject)

from the Krakow police on the city's website:
Attention! Passing on information of a crime to the Police through e-mail, is not formally reporting a crime.

imagine, we are so technically advanced now that people want to email the police department to report a crime.....