May 11th, 2007

life is good dig

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one class down, five to go.
i went completely brain dead at conjugating and past tensing "to eat"... stared at the infinitive for about 20 minutes before i gave up, turned it in and went home by way of the market. this weekend is the big prague marathon and most of the public transportation will be "disrupted", so i stocked up on study carbs, coffee and tea.
by the way, 28 summits and still only one death!! high winds are turning people around today, but there should be quite a few bids over the weekend if the winds calm down. if not, let's hope summit fever doesn't hit too hard. most teams have been up and down acclimating for about 8 weeks now and are getting quite antsy. as mike and casey of the coleman team wrote, "it is hard to look at the mountain for so many days and not just climb it." hang in there, guys! :)