May 10th, 2007

kiss my ass

čech it out......

so, i have my čech final exam tomorrow. as i take a dinner break, i am drowning in case and conjugation.
did you know čechs have different verbs for "to go" depending upon whether you choose to go by foot, bicycle, pogo stick, or airplane? i bet you didn't, but it is true. i jdu with my feet and jedu with wheels. if i did it yesterday, i šel or jel. i won't even share future is a nightmare, i tell you.
as if that isn't enough, the verb also depends on whether i am determined or undetermined (yeah, we know the general answer to that). so, to demonstrate the crankiness of these verbs, if my movement is undetermined - as it usually is - i then chodit or jezdit. fun stuff, eh? these verbs of motion also apply to things like carrying.... so i have to use different words if i am carrying my lunch as i go by foot, or if i am carrying my lunch as i go by tram or bus....or, if exhausted from verbal gymnastics, i crawl with the lunch bag in my teeth. now, add to that the matter of whether i am coming or going, running or flying, leading or following, then coming or going away or from or out of a place.... then the verb changes once again. you end up with about 12 different words for the same verb and way more information about how i arrive than really needs to be known. ;) the verbs often get so twisted that you really have to just memorize them.
and just because i am feeling a bit like sharing my masochistic linguistic life, i am also going to tell you that there is a different word for body hair, depending on exactly where on your body it grows. no, i'm not talking mustaches and pubics, either. ;)
damn if i can just get through these exams so i can open the vino.....
laughing puppy

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based on a conversation tonight, spurred on from mysticknyght's last rather informative post, i just want to add my little ten cents (inflation, ya know) about blow jobs.
men who don't eat meat, or at least very little, taste much better than men who do.

this public service announcement cheerfully brought to you by the vegan who likes her protein. :)