May 8th, 2007


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it feels good to be home. well, my home away from home....

so, i met him at the airport. as he exited, we recognized each other right away. i was quite happy to still feel the attraction. although......i have a problem with his teeth..... those of you that know me, know bad teeth is a pretty big turn off for me. they are all there....just rather stained and some chipped. but, hey.....i thought, maybe i can overlook this.....we have too many other things in common.
so we went to the hotel and checked in. chatted a bit and decided to head out for some lunch and to play tourist. we had a wonderful lunch and some very nice conversation at a little cafe just across from the astronomical clock. as we passed the orchestra house he was stopped by a guy handing out programs for the night's show. he wanted to go...i really did too, but, i also knew i had nothing to wear! he then tortured me by taking me shopping all over the city for an evening gown, shoes, stockings - something rather difficult to find so late in the afternoon - to dress me up for the orchestra. (i truly hate shopping and since i am here as a student it never occurred to me to bring dressy). he sent me home to dress while he went back to the hotel and did the same. the orchestra was fantastic! (i thought of you, triquet! ) the conductor, Jiří Kout, was so passionate, it was as if the music emanated from him. we were in the very first row and it was a wonderful experience. i've never been so close. :)

the municipal house is stunning. i know lots of tourists decide, at the last minute, to attend, but i was surprised at the amount of people there in jeans. if i hadn't found something to wear, i would have begged out, not imagining going so casual! but, now i know, and really would like to go again. after, we went to the bottom floor of the municipal house to "the oldest bar in prague" - the american bar. after listening to the orchestra the sounds there were a bit confusing! they were playing some old american music that mixed with the accordion in the restaurant next door! it was pretty bad. ;)
so...back to the hotel room. the part you are waiting for, right? well, you are in for a disappointment because all i am going to say, is a few well deserved and over eager orgasms and a few little bruises.....but, overall, not what i was expecting. yet.....first times can be a little awkward, so i wasn't ready to give up yet.
the next morning....a very sleepy me went home for coffee, a shower and clothes. not sleepy because we had wild sex all night, sleepy because he snores! i don't mean just a little wheezing cartoony snore....but a freight train running through the bed snoring. i am, by the way, a very, very light sleeper. the last two nights i put in my ear phones and cranked up the ipod....basically listened to music and played solitaire on my ipod all night. i will sleep like a baby tonight. i've never liked to sleep with anyone with whom i am not intimately, very emotionally involved. i am one of those crawl out of bed, get dressed and go home after girls. :)
i welcome my own bed tonight.
more touristy stuff, delicious meals and amazing wines. i have to say, he has impeccable taste for wine. he also brought me two lovely bottles from france that i will open after exams. i can't say i didn't have a good time. i can say sexually and BDSM wise, i am somewhat disappointed and a bit frustrated. he wants me to spend the summer with him in france and i don't yet know how to tell him. i really don't want to hurt his feelings and i know he has "very strong feelings" for me. the really sad (and, ok, maybe shallow part) is that if it weren't for the teeth, i may be able to get past other parts....or at least see if they develop. what do you do? tell someone, "fix your teeth and we'll talk?" if he hasn't by now, he doesn't care.
so......all the nervousness, anticipation and trepidation is gone.....
now, i need to focus on studying for exams.... then, perhaps, i will dabble a bit more in "the search"