May 2nd, 2007

cohen the future

just needed a little motivation

so i have been putting this paper off for about......2 months now. it is due next week. i don't normally procrastinate papers....i like to do them right away and get them out of the way, but (obviously) i've lost my ability to write! it is also a bit more difficult because i am limited to web research....finding books in english isn't so easy.
i figured i would do it over the weekend, but since Mr. French Man is coming, i put it off to next week. this morning he told me to email it to him by 7! i actually got it done. it isn't so much that he told me to do it....(though i did really need that), but that he actually wants to read it and give me some feedback. i truly think it is the worst paper i have ever written, so i was reluctant to send it (can we say "Humiliation"?) but i like that he takes interest in what i do.....
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don't fear death

another snag

this time from mysticknyght (and clean enough to snag) :p

This is the list of the 50 (i may not count well...but it is really more than 50) most-visited tourist attractions in the world. They left out pilgrimage stuff like Mecca, but put in Notre Dame because it's usually visited by tourists as an architectural wonder, not religious pilgrims.

Bold where you've been, italicize where you WANT to go, and name one place you want to go that is NOT on the list.

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and my add: venice. i know i could now...but i absolutely refuse to go to venice without someone special. :)