May 1st, 2007

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happy may day! today is a double holiday - it is international labor day as well.

the new ad has definitely changed the response quality and some are actually quite intriguing! i've a feeling i will have a busy summer... i don't know if it is the content or change of geography or both...i am leaning more toward geography given the location of some of the best responses.
hey, i am not just talking about sex! but maybe actually meeting potential :)
bah, screw potential....ok...the sex part is really promising!

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i feel like a schoolgirl... filled with nervousness and trepidation.
i've been talking with a very intriguing french man.... one to whom i am not only quite attracted (ok, yeah, i know only photos, but oh those eyes), but sweetly compatible. we talked about meeting when my exams and last two courses are over - the first week of june.
we don't want to wait.....
he arrives saturday.....
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