April 27th, 2007

don't fear death

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so i've posted a new ad at b.com to reflect my current state of mind (and body). forget the relationship thing, i want to go straight for the punchline.

american (don't hold it against me) living in prague through the end of the year seeking like minded friends and potential play partners. no strings attached (rope quite acceptable), but not just seeking sex... i am a slave at heart and choose to "play" without limits and safewords...therefore, substantial time must be spent getting to know each other. in other words, friendship first...power follows.
you must be dominant with a twist of sadism, intellectually and erotically stimulating, reasonably attractive, disease free, mentally stable, and easy going. :)
i am able to travel over the summer. taking a break from "the search", but not close minded to potential. let's chat :)

i figure that should get some play and sex in say.....two three months ;) considering it has been two three years, i can live with that. meanwhile, i've started running to address the frustration. not bad. it hurts, it gives me endorphins and i fucking hate it..... kind of like the really hard, painful play i love to hate. :)

but it is at that point where i eye men on the metro and wonder. yesterday there was a man standing close enough to me that i could smell his cologne and actually feel the warmth of his body. he was holding on to the same pole....i'm looking at his hand and catch myself wondering how it would feel in my hair...around my throat. i know how to say "fuck me" in czech (don't we always learn the dirty words first) and we wouldn't even have to exchange names, so who needs words?
i fantasize....a lot. ;)

must focus....exams in two weeks.

this is my favorite piece of art by Míhály Zíchy.
it is in my virtual art collection.

because i live in the future, i get to be first!

friday five....

What is your favorite outdoor activity?
sex ;)

Are you outdoors not often enough, too often, or just often enough?
these days, not often enough. the weather is so beautiful.

When was the last time you slept in a tent?
way too long ago.... i think around 94. we were camping in grand isle. i remember it fairly well because we woke up one morning to a horrible stench and discovered the beach was completely covered with dead fish....some trawler had lost its load. it was really disgusting.

Where is your favorite beach?
pensacola beach...i love sugar sand. plus i have a lot of good memories there. a bushwacker, some jimmy buffet, coconut oil, and the tide...mmmm

In what social, academic, or professional group are you on the outer fringes of? In what social, academic, or professional group are you right in the middle of?
outer fringes? social "normalcy"
middle? social deviants :)
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