April 24th, 2007

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so, i've been teaching english at this amazing nonprofit organization. i've offered to help one of the logisticians work on his technical english for an upcoming project in afghanistan. i met him yesterday afternoon and we went to a park that overlooks the entire city. we drank pivo and read legal documents. i really had a good time. we talked about our travels and humanitarian work. his english is better than he thinks and it was nice to hold a non academic conversation! i am realizing just how little i actually *speak* english these days. he has invited me to come to afghanistan when the semester ends. i think i may go for three or four weeks. they are running a couple of projects...one is to increase education through a teach the teacher program and the other is a water sanitation project. i've been looking for something to do with some of my summer and this may be the golden opportunity. i'll meet with him again tomorrow at another park that he says has the best view of the city and it is where the lovers go....i'll get pictures this time!
meanwhile...off to class...just a couple left!
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Everest Photo of the Day

Mike Haugen, in the icefall, testing Coleman gear on Everest!

Wiki: The Khumbu Icefall is an icefall at the head of the Khumbu Glacier.
The icefall is found at 5,486 metres (18,000 feet) on the Nepali slopes of Mount Everest not far above base camp and southwest of the summit. The icefall is regarded as one of the most dangerous stages of the South Col route to Everest’s summit. The Khumbu glacier that forms the icefall moves at such speed that large crevasses open with little warning. The large towers of ice or seracs found at the icefall have been known to collapse suddenly. Huge blocks of ice tumble down the glacier from time to time; they range in size from cars to large houses. It is estimated that the glacier advances three to four feet (~0.9 to 1.2 m) down the mountain every day.
Since the structures are continually changing, crossing the Khumbu Icefall is extremely dangerous. Even extensive rope and ladder crossings cannot prevent loss of life. Many people have died in this area, such as a climber who was crushed by a 12-story block of solid ice. Exposed crevasses may be easy to avoid, but crevasses buried under snow can form treacherous snow bridges through which unwary climbers can fall.
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