April 22nd, 2007

don't fear death

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ripped right from emptyconclusion
Comment and I'll:
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meanwhile..... i am totally loving Podfitness!! you choose the type of workout you want and it will assign you a trainer...but that isn't the really cool part! once that is done, you are brought to a control panel that hooks in with your iTunes (or whatever you use...), you choose your playlist and click mix. it will overlay the trainers voice over the music in your playlist for a 50 minute, awesome workout! you don't have to get the corny music that often comes with workout audio. you actually choose your own music and Podfitness mixes it for you. so, yeah, i am really psyched....what a cool concept!
don't fear death

can you say what you mean? mean what you say?

i've discovered i am not such a trusting person anymore. perhaps, that is something that changes with life and experience. perhaps i am just not as naive as i sometimes wish i were. when something comes along that seems too good to be true, you can bet your ass it most likely is....
i know i am a candid kind of gal...maybe too candid. i just think when you meet people through this medium you should toss all your proverbial cards on the table. people don't. (yeah, i know, tell me how damn obvious that is) i understand they want to impress you. that is one thing... but sometimes they shape themselves to what they think you want. come on folks, that shape isn't likely to hold. do they think they will catch the ball and run with it and not fumble all over their deceptions? i truly hate having to look at people cynically. yet, i have begun to measure words carefully, to ask my own cryptic questions, and to - especially - not create potential from pronouns.
the problem with all this..... i just may be wrong. someone will come along who is sincere and truthful and i will be cynical and doubtful and completely miss the boat.
don't fear death

everest photo of the day

and here it is...you know you wanted it.

and so i was wrong about an unusually early bid for the summit over the weekend. (triquet, notice i did not use summit as a verb!)

Paul Adler

icy winds and lots of snow fell on base camp overnight, delaying teams planning to tackle the icefall....hoping it clears and doesn't cause problems in the icefall.

There is struggle here, there is pain here, there is never a dull moment and things will get even harder as time goes by. I have been sick, I have been at risk of an Edema and my emotions are all over the map. When I hurt and when I feel pain, it reminds me that I am alive. Truly alive. Our body is truly “the temple of our soul”
and through it we can touch the deepest part of our soul. I look at this mountain and it scares me to death, but that does not drive me home, it empowers me. The thought of failure, when so many are watching, could drive me away, but it fuels the strength in my heart. I am here to reach the summit, but the prize is far greater than a view from the top of the world, it is the view within ME that will be so crystal clear. The view within ourselves when we surpass what we only dreamed possible.

Elia, April 22, 2007