April 21st, 2007

vegie chick

tick tock tick tock, kill the clock

i hate time. i hate watches. i hate clocks.
and i hate nothing more than being bound to any of them.
call it a phobia, if you must.
i choose classes and schedules so that i avoid this issue. i never use alarm clocks.
my neighbor does. she must us it for everything because it is constantly going off. the very sound of an alarm clock makes me want to scream. i don't know why i feel this way...this strong aversion to being a slave to time. maybe because it distracts from life.
how can you stop and smell the flowers if you are always looking at your watch?
how can you bathe in the morning sun pouring through your window if your alarm is screaming at you?
how can you spend time doing what you enjoy when the clock is ticking at you?

i live for spontaneaty...it is the spice of life. nutrients i need.
time lives for routine and schedules. things that would kill me....slowly.

i think i will slip in her room while she is gone and murder her clock.